Stark Raving Management was started in 2003 by Kimberleigh Stark and has since provided artists for all areas of the entertainment industry. From movies, soap operas, theatre to commercial and print ads, Stark Raving Management has become a reliable and trustworthy name within the industry.

As a company Stark Raving Management has taken great pride in providing a good and supportive service for our artists and clients alike. Within our company our artist’s are expected to adhere to the professional standards set with in the South African entertainment industry.


CEO of Stark Raving Management, Kimberleigh Stark has worked and lived in South Africa for over twenty years. Born and raised in California (USA), she studied at The American Conservatory Theatre of San Francisco. She has acted in over 20 international films, working opposite the likes of well know actors, such as, Kris Kristofferson, Jeff Fahey, Robert Michum, Billy Zane, Patrick Shai, and Sello Ke Maake-Ncube

At The American Conservatory of San Francisco, Kimberleigh joined and studied under the direction of the late, great William Ball and also studied drama at University of Notre Dame, and UCLA.  Kimberleigh Stark moved to South Africa in 1984 where she continued her modelling and acting career.

On the local T.V scene Kimberleigh received an Artes nomination for Best Actress in the drama When two Worlds meet. She has worked on Een Skoenlapper, Honeytown, Tropical Heat and Kideo but probably best loved as one of the “superbitches” on SABC’s Generations. She also presented The Charity Chase on 5Fm for four years.

Kimberleigh worked as casting coordinator on Egoli for two years and has at various stages been the casting director for Generations, Soul City, and The International Hoof of Africa.  On being a casting director Kimberleigh says, “I truly believe that having worked as casting director makes me a better agent. I won't send you if you are not right for the part.”